garnish (an outsider’s look in)

garnish….to enhance in appearance by adding decorative touches; to embellish.

I admit, until I started this job with a catering company, I thought that a garnish was the parsley sprig on my plate or that weird bed of kale that surrounds EVERYTHING on a buffet table.

I have since learned that it is so much more….

It’s the overall design of an event, created by artists….from napkins and table linens to flowers to place cards, everything is a garnish. It takes a practiced hand to know just how much or how little is required to stage an event or prepare a plate. I know a little about the latter, I tried to food-style a plate yesterday…it turned out “brown”. I’ll leave the styling to the experts from here on out.

And the experts we have here at garnish….everything that is required to make your event the most special of days.

Follow along with us…maybe some of our ideas will get your started on your personal event journey.

Because doesn’t everything in life need just a little garnish?





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